Gold In Denver

Denver Prospecting is alive and well and gaining interest among recreational user groups. It’s not uncommon to see someone on a bike ride to a creek for a little gold in Denver! Denver and surrounding towns have developed pedestrian paths along many great prospecting areas. Gold Unlimited works with cities and counties to secure areas that are safe and convenient for children and families as well as the recreational prospectors. The word is getting out, and we meet people from all over the country to try their luck at this exciting activity. We have identified over 30 (and counting) distinct areas that rival anything in the GPAA claims book and even many private claims that are “upstream” in the mountains. The word here is,”If you want excellent gold stay here, if you want beautiful scenery, go there”. Nothing wrong with traveling for the thrill of it but recent surveys suggest most people don’t go more than 4 miles from home for recreational activity weekdays and 25 miles on weekends. Prospecting in the Denver area offers you a more spontaneous adventure and all you need to do? Keep a gold pan, snuffer and shovel in your trunk! Gold Unlimted welcomes your secret spots or recent finds to add to the community list. Who know, we may just name it after you!
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We will highlight a new area as we find them and keep you updated on our progress on others. For now here are a few places that we know you’ll enjoy! Click the link for a map and other details to find gold in Denver.

Arapahoe Bar

Arapahoe Bar Gold Prospecting Park

Arapahoe Bar Welcome Sign.

This is an area that took years to secure and we’re very proud of this place and is considered our flagship accomplishment. We would like to thank J.J. Long and Gold Prospectors of the Rockies for their valuable help. Here you will experience true history. This is a historic place where the first prospector panned for gold along with the Arapahoe Indians. Cabins and camps were set up here and now you are here too. If this doesn’t give you a chill than the gold you find here will! This place is an easy walk from the parking lot with restrooms on the other side of I70 along the pedestrian path.  Just click here for details.  Arapahoe Bar