Beautiful waterway
The vast majority of gold bearing waterways are either (a) private property, (b) already claimed or (c) are being managed by a state, county or city and are not claimable and not mineable under any mining law or circumstances.
Few states even utilize mining claims via the BLM. (Bureau of Land Management)
Additionally, the BLM is liquidating lands at an astonishing and alarming rate.
Colorado maps show,  20 years ago thousands and thousands of acres of claimable gold bearing streams now shows almost none.
Where is all this BLM land going?
City parks, county open space and state parks in many cases.
Aside from western states, nearly every state has reported the presence of gold.

Who is representing recreational gold prospectors at city hall and the county commissioners meetings?
One of the primary goals of Gold Unlimited is to secure future places for the public at large to experience the thrill of finding gold, not securing private claims to sell memberships so that a limited number can access.
GU is now actively seeking others who are willing to engage with controlling municipalities and create parks or expand existing recreational activities like gold prospecting in existing parks and open space.

Is there a section of a waterway in your state that could be an asset to a local community as a gold panning park instead of a source of harassment?
Contact us to discuss how to make that happen.
There are millions of recreational gold panners and prospectors in America alone.
It’s time we shared our hobby with local communities and took our place as the true stewards of our streams.
-Don Finley