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A Path Less Regulated?

Regulated? Yes, mining is the single MOST regulated industry in America today. The average time for the permitting process approval alone is seven to ten years.

The BLM is not the only regulator here. Mining companies are required to get approval from several levels of government – local, county, state and federal – before starting a new project. Multiple governmental agencies may be involved at each of these levels. Tribal governments, non-governmental organizations and the general public are often involved in the processes as well. When politicians promise they will bring  jobs back to America they also better take a look at our mineral infrastructure. What product produced does not need mining?

Recreational activities such as fishing, rafting, kayaking, hunting and a host of others are far less regulated.  In most cases the user groups have a say in those regulations. In fact, federal lands once claimable are being traded away or given outright to counties and cities for recreational purposes, i.e., Open Space and Parks, at an astounding rate. States and counties use surveys to determine which groups get priority in their recreational areas although Gold Unlimited is making an impact on every one of them! We can only hope that eventually the GPAA and other user groups join us in the campaign.

Regardless, we believe gold prospectors still have a place on these non-claimable historically gold bearing waterways and public lands the same as other forms of recreation and that gold prospecting provides all the benefits of other recreational activities, plus a few.
So no, you’re not giving away any “rights” and yes you’re less regulated by being “recreational” on non-claimable recreational lands than when mining on a federal mining claim.
This Recreational Nugget!  Brought to you by Gold Unlimited.

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